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Fitted Contact Lenses

Central Optical Inc. provides high-quality prescription contact lenses fitted perfectly to your eyes. Simple or complex, all kinds of contact lenses can be fitted by us because we have the expertise of B.W. Phillips on staff.

Contact Lenses - Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Fittings

Bring in a prescription from your doctor or ophthalmologist for contact lenses. At our optical store, we help you find the lenses that fit your eye shape and dimensions just right. You’ll be amazed how clear your vision is when your lenses are fitted just right.

Lens Types: monthly, bi-monthly, for astigmatism, bifocal, monovision, disposable, color disposable and colored monthly soft contact lenses, hybrid lenses, and rigid gas permeable hard lenses.

Lens Types

Prescriptions available range from plano (0) to -8, which is a monthly lens in the same color range. The brand we use is Air Optix™.

Colored Contacts

Add a little excitement to your irises with our colored contacts. We offer one-day, disposable color contacts ranging from 0 to -6. We have 8 opaque colors from the Air Optix aesthetic line.

Contact us in Durham, North Carolina, to find out more about the contact lenses we have available.